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Ok well I have decided that I am going to order some seeds. I have chosen Attitude from our sponsors list to order from. How ever I now need to choose the strain.. Hmmmm the choices. It will be an indoor grow, I am thinking of using rockwool as medium or may be hydro. But I think I want to try rockwool then move to hydro after that. I can handle any height and am looking mostly in the "medium height range". As for strains, I like a mostly Indica but also enjoy a good Sativa. I love the old Afghan strains. Also I want to to keep the cost below $45.

These are my choices so far:

Sweet Seeds Green Poison

Sweet Seeds Green Poison is a stable hybrid between the most potent indica and sativa genetics from Sweet Seeds, created specially for everyone who longs for a deep indica relaxation after a hard working day. This new cannabis strain is strongly dominated by indica genes which make her fast growing and flowering, producing heavy yields of the best quality marijuana.
Being mostly indica, feminized cannabis seeds of Green Poison are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation and produce eye-appealing plants with some sativa prevalence - they grow long and flexible with a large central cola and a well developed branching system. Their dark green foliage often turns purple in early stage of maturing and makes a perfect back ground for big dense buds covered with white shiny crystals full of THC which is between 15% and 20%. This marijuana variety is very resinous. Numerous bud sites seem to fill any gaps they can find. Green Posion's remarkable 7 weeks of flowering surprise even experienced cannabis growers. A very intense, sweet and fruity, aroma starts appearing at the beginning of flowering and maintains in the final product. Due to the rapid flowering, plants of this marijuana strain are very resistant to fungi attacks as well as to their worst enemy, grey mould, and grow perfectly well in wet climate zones. The first harvest is ready already by the middle of September.

Plants developed from these feminized cannabis seeds are great yielders. The average production is 500-650 gr. per m2 indoors and up to 700 gr. per plant outdoors. Cured marijuana of Green Poison has a long shelf life and maintains a strong prolonged fruit and flower taste and a power of a deep relaxation so needed by the end of the working week. Smoking is extremely pleasant with no choking effect and no hangover effect.

Nirvana Seeds Medusa

Nirvana Seeds Medusa has powerful genes that can turn people to stone, the firm light green buds have a deep musty aroma and has an aftertaste of sugar cane. The smoke is of superior quality and this certainly makes up for the modest yields. It is suitable for indoor growing and takes about 8-9 weeks to flower. It's cannabis seeds produce a strong THC between 15-20%. Medusa is most definitely the smoke of connoisseurs. Outdoor Harvest is October.

Seedsman Seeds Nemesis

Seedsman Seeds Nemesis combines two strains from two amazing cannabis growing regions, Northern Indian and Nepal. It is a 50/50 hybrid of a Northern Indian sativa and a Nepali indica. Nemesis grows both indoors and outdoors/Greenhouse that finishes quickly and with good results. It is a good hardy, vigorous strain. We named it Nemesis as it's cannabis seeds can produce some very potent buds with a soaring sativa effect that might compromise some! Nemesis harvest date is the end of September and it takes 7-9 weeks to flower.

Barneys Farm Phatt Fruity

Barneys Farm Phatt Fruity Ferminized is a blend of fine cannabis genetics from Afghanistan, North India and Mexico. The team of experienced seed breeders at Barney’s Farm gathered the best qualities of those landrace genetics and created a new feminized seed of the very best and rarest marijuana strain. Phatt Fruity is said to be very resinous variety with an above average yield and a heavy stoned effect.
Feminized seeds of this cannabis are 50% indica dominated and, as a rule, have a good mould resistance. They show an excellent germination rate and are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Their small size makes them perfect for gardens with restricted height; they are just 70 cm tall and many of our customers grow Phatt Fruity in closets, balconies and/or windowsills. These plants are not different from any other indica variety - dark green glossy foilage, short and bushy, with well developed compact colas. An earthy aroma mixed with smells of Indian spices starts appearing at the beginning of flowering and remain mild and pleasant throughout the whole maturing.

Phatt Fruity is well known for producing heavy yields after a short flowering period. It takes her just 8 weeks under optimum conditions to produce as much as 500+ gr. Her marijuana, once cured, has a very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry. It produces a notable and pleasantly euphoric high of the highest quality and is very long-lasting.

Nirvana Seeds Master Kush
Nirvana Seeds Master Kush feminized seeds from the Nirvana is a cross breed of two different Hindu Kush strains. Her main characteristics are easy growing, high yields of big buds with strong long lasting high. This marijuana variety represents an indica/sativa family and possesses the best qualities of the both strains which made her a winner of 2005 and 2006 Cannabis Cup.
Growing Master Kush feminized cannabis seeds are very easy. They are not suitable for outdoor growing, unless you live in a very warm country with a stable climate, but show excellent performance when cultivated indoors and respond well to any growing methods. Their strong genotype helps them resist mild stress as well as mould and mushroom. We would definitely recommend this cannabis for beginners.

Indica dominant, feminized seeds of Master Kush marijuana produce middle sized plants which grow a bit bushy developing a typical x-mas tree shape. They show very little stretch, ending up at about 16 inches. It takes 8 weeks of flowering to see the first buds. This variety is not pungent; smell is not a problem, even if you don’t have a proper ventilation system. Master Kush cannabis is very eye appealing; her buds are heavily frosted with trichomes; multiple colas (some LST done early in vegetation) with a large number of big buds and many smaller jawbreaker sized popcorn buds.
Most weight was packed on at around 40-50 days. This baby is really a good yielder, she produces up to 500 gr. of quality marijuana per m2. The final product is said to contain from 15% to 20% of THC which hits you quite quickly, with a tingling in the lips, warmth through the body and a very mellow, happy state of mind. No desire to get up and do anything; however, it doesn't turn you into a complete log. Good for sitting with a guitar and getting lost in the music. Relaxing, and may be good for those who can't sleep.

So these are the ones I have kind of narrowed it down to.. If you have any other suggestions(must be available at attitude and cost below $45usd) please feel free to let me know..


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Hi Brother ItsChrome.
I like a strain by KC Brains. He calls it Brain's Damage. KC used Acapulco Gold along with some of his own private stuff to come up with this one.
It maybe a 50/50 strain. I truely liked this one, and he does call it Brain's Damage. I got three phenos.
The one I like was a fav of mine.
And yes I like Indica doms.
In your selections, Medusa. Good luck!


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i would personally go with any strains attitude has of greenhouse like their trainwreck or lemon skunk or super silver (or lemon) haze
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