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Help me design a good marijuana gift box


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My brothers are just as big of potheads as me so I'm throwing together a weed gift box for them each but want more ideas.

So far they're each getting:

Hemp wick
Alcohol swabs (easy way to clean your bowl)
Clipper lighter
Doob tube
Prerolled joint (with weed from my grow)
Glass joint tip
Pipe cleaning brushes
Bob Marley wall sticker for one brother
Keep calm and smoke weed poster for my other brother
40 pipe screens each
Munchies (doritos, gummy worms, funyons, little Debbie's cakes)
Eye drops


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Are your brothers into music? Maybe a mix or some new tunes to listen to while they enjoy that prerolled joint. Beyond that, I have no idea. I think bros are going to be thrilled with what you've put together so far.
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