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Hey gang,

I thought I had a cal mag issue so i added a bit more cal mag and plucked the very yellow leaves. A few more days later.. I did my normal flush and nutes BUT way more yellowing. It is like the leaves think it is time to harvest but I seem to be a few weeks away still
(40 gallon setup) Remo Nutes line
- Micro
- Bloom
- Astroflower
- Velokelp
- Magnical
- Natures Candy
- Terpinator
- RAW Silica
- RAW Cal Mag (I add it at the lowest dose as the fluence spydr light requires more cal mag it said)
- Free sample of purpinator as well I tried for the first time
- i was using ucroots but these ladies had a HUGE transplant shock that took roughly 3 weeks to clear and I have been using Recharge since then as it cleared up the issues and the plants were happy, I will go back to sterile after this (btw using recahrge in RDWC is a pain with the molasses and air stones- just a heads up- but it works great!)

Here are the pics, can someone please help me out, thank you
ppm 2100
water temp 65


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Very interesting symptoms. I think you are looking at a fairly rare Molybdenum deficiency. This is usually caused by having too low of a pH, where this element is locked out. Your pH is on the upper end, so I think I would try adjusting to the middle of the range, 5.8 and see if after a few days this coloration starts going away.
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