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Help me find the right CO2 genny, green air CD-12?

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So i am trying to hook up my grow with a few upgrades and i need some help from some pros. Any help would be great.

My room is only 10' x 5' x 8'

green air CD - 12 vs. water cooled genny.

Fist the generator.
I am torn between a water cooled hydrogen or just LP marey tankless water heater and a green air products CD - 12 that i could get at a hooked up price from my people at the hydro store.

they water cooled gen can be outside the room and vent in the co2. great for the heat in my room.

has anyone used the green air CD-12? how much heat does it produce, and also i know the cd-12 is to big for my room but is it way to big?

I am also trying to get an environmental controler. I would love to be able to dattalog so i can statisticaly track my grow.

I know the sentinel CHHC - 1 has a program to do this.

Are there any other resonably priced reliable monitors i could do this with.

All help would be greatly appreciated.

Smiling Garden

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So i guess i am going to go with a 5l tankless water heater as my gen. Its cheap and looks like a lot of people have used them with great success. this way i can spring for a nice monitor to control everything, and even a dehuey when i go to flower.

I really want the CHHC-1 so i can posibly get the computer software and datalog my environment. or should i go with the CHHC-4?

any other reasonably priced complete controlers with computer capabilities?

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