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Help me identify yellowing edge of the leaves


Hello, Ijust discovered it and I need your guys opinion on this... This is the only leaf that has these edges, there are some yellowing on the bottom leaves too but they are touching the soil so that's why I think its happening. But I'm not sure about this one it's close to the door of the tent so maybe it's rubbing against the wall? or do you think its a nutrient or pest problem.

Some info about my grow she's currenty in 2nd week of flowering, 2x2 tent,200w blurple led, 10 gallon airpot, I'm feeding GH nutrients Floragro,micro and bloom, I'm following the nutrient chart around 2/3 recommended doses.

Thank you for your help.
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I'm simply guessing because I dont have a lot of information on your grow and the "damage" is very minimal. Having said that, I would venture to say that it is the beginning of ph imbalance due to salt toxicity. Air pots are great for roots but they dry very fast so you need to water often. If you dont minimize the dosage or intermittently give pure water than you're going to deal with a salt imbalance. One of the reasons I went hydroponic. Again this is only a guess at best. My recommendation would be to continue monitoring the spots to see if it gets worse. If it does, I would flush the air pot with 3x the pot size of pure water and go from there.
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