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Help me pass a hair test please


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I just found out I have a hair test in 2 weeks. I haven't smoked "heavy" for about for about 6 weeks. Although, I smoked two days ago at a party, before that I hadn't smoked for a week, before that it was two weeks.

I don't plan on smoking anymore, so is there anything I can do for the next two weeks to pass the hair test?


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You'll have to do some reading. There are some hair shampoos that can get rid of the thc metabolites but it takes some work. Haven't had to do it myself so I can't help you much there.


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shave your head... i keep a ball head but i work for my self too i am sure there are alot of things you can do,, but i know from exprince that you can something that makes you pass and i could do the same thing and fail,, sucks to say but the only sure shot way to pass is to cheat or not smoke at all,,, good luck too you sir,,,

if they ask why you dont have any hair tell them you took up swiming
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