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Help me please advise needed


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Hi all , I'm 48 and presently working as a tractor trailer driver , I used synthetic urine past Thursday and this Monday the Dr called with news that something interfered with test , he stated I need a retest with observer , so I started chugging water today drank a gallon with 2 b-12 tabs , 2 - 500 mg niacin , and a shot of apple vinegar with mother In it , I can be tested any time now , do I continue what I am doing ? Also I'm chugging cranberry juice , and drank the pickle jar , lol , help me out if you can ? I smoke every day and it consists of 3-4 hits off bowl at nite to sleep


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What synthetic did you use? If the temp was right the lab that tested your sample did not follow federal protocols and can be sued for it. Most all synthetics will pass DOT tests unless the lab is checking for something that they are not allowed to by law.
About all you can do is to keep taking creatine and b12 and drinking a lot of any sports drink until the test.
How heavy of a smoker were you?
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