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Help me shed some light on this.


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This may not be the correct place to post this, if so, I apologise in advance. Also, I'm sorry for the bad layout of my post.

So I don't smoke weed or any other drugs besides an occasional alcohol binge when I go out partying. Early last year I attended a music festival without even seeing a single band. So what happened was I had a few shots of Jack Daniels before starting a 15minute walk to the music festival.

My girlfriend who was with me was carrying a few joints she had attained from a male friend of hers. I asked her for a joint and smoked it before reaching the musical festival. Within half an hour of smoking the joint, I started feeling nauseous, barely knowing whats going on around me.

Before I knew it I was on the ground throwing up. I ended up losing consciousness and my girlfriend and my other female friend dragged me to the medical tent where I stayed for the next 7 hours. For those next 7 hours I went in and out of consciousness.

Everytime I came to, I would throw up and pass back out. The medical tent staff hooked me up to a drip and completed a drug test on my blood. They said I had amphetamines in my blood. I never took any other drugs. I asked my girlfriend if I had had a drink since we got there and she said we only ate chips.

All I can remember from that day is the part before I left, then flash to when I was smoking, flash to throwing up on the ground, flash to medical tent going in and out of consciousness.

Is it possible the joint was laced with something? Is a date rape drug a possible amphetamine? Or can weed do this to people? I find it weird they found amphetamines in my blood.


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First of all, define "a few" shots.

Secondly... as long as the cannabis was not purchased from a licensed medical/recreational dispensary that is legally required to test the flowers, then there is absolutely a chance of the bud being laced with something dangerous. If you can't trace the flowers back to the grower and their methods, you run that risk.

And third, it is possible to have a negative reaction (vomiting, nausea, etc.), though the only time I've ever heard of it was when someone [who did not have the tolerance for it] ate too many edibles. Never in my life have I heard of something like that from a single joint. But then again, you mentioned that alcohol was involved. In the past, anytime I mixed the two I ran the risk of getting sick... solely due to the alcohol.

So if you managed to get a buzz off of "a few" shots, then mixed that with Cannabis (which you admittedly don't ever use), which was laced with some sort of dangerous amphetamines... it's reasonable to suspect that such a negative reaction could happen.

Tips for the Future:
1. Don't mix drugs. Especially alcohol.
2. Only consume a small amount of Cannabis [or whatever else] that your body is not used to.
3. Purchase your goods from legal channels... Or
4. Know where your Cannabis comes from (know your grower, not just the person that got it from who-knows-where).

Know your limits. Respect the plant.

Good luck in the future. :goodluck:


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Man, I haven't been to many music festivals, but it really surprises me they can do blood work and test for drugs right there at the music festival. But I have gotten sick myself from smoking, but that was when I was young and had no tolerance. I believe the joint could make you that sick if you have no tolerance, but I am skeptical about the medical staff doing drug tests on site. Also, if you were in and out of it for that long, wouldn't they have moved you to a hospital??? Are you sure this is the WHOLE story..... (don't mean to question you,but this doesn't sound right to me)....


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@OnlyOrganic: 4 shots of bourbon.

@go4snypr: Its the only music festival I've been to and it was right in the city of Brisbane, Australia. When the music festival finished, a staff member and my friends helped me (Assisted walking) to the hospital which was less than 10mins walk away, where I stayed for just under 3 hours. I've heard of the term 'greening out' which generally involves the person being sick, but just for such a prolonged period of time. I also forgot to mention, I was sick for the following 2 days after. Sick, kinda like a hangover from a heavy night of partying but maybe 3 - 4 times worse.

This post was more to see if anyone had heard of anything like this before. I honestly thought I was gonna die when it was happening for the first few hours.


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Get this one fact clear: cannabis doesn't do any of that stuff.

You most likely smoked one of those designer drugs that are man- made in a lab to create a "cannabis-like high"... they even can look like cannabis. To a first timer like you, you wouldn't know the difference. But they are usually plant based and sprayed with chemicals. They are legal, but only until the government catches on and bans that specific chemical compound. Then, scientists tweak their formula to slightly alter the chemical composition and they start selling again. Rinse and repeat.

If it was real cannabis, it was laced with something. Sprayed with a chemical or dusted with a powdered form of the drug.

Sorry your first time wasn't good. But it was surely anything but typical.
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