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Help me understand GH Floranovas feeding chart using soil


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Hello everyone!

My first post on this board! :cheer: I tried to find a nutrient sub forum but I couldn't find anything, so apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I'm hoping to get some clarification so I can wrap my old stoner brain around this feeding schedule when using soil. I've been using fert soil, like supersoil and then using mircle grow to feed because it was cheap/easy and i was learning but now I'm wanting to get into some better nutes for the girls.


This is my first time going this route, so I guess my confusion comes from the fact that its laid out on a weekly basis and I'm not understanding how my waterings are supposed to match up with the feeding schedule and get your proper flushes between feedings and stay on that schedule?? Can someone help me understand how this works?! I have all 6 parts for the basic feeding schedule and some cal-mag solution from them. Nothing in the expert program yet until I feel a little more comfortable with this whole new thing. I also picked up some promix which is also new to me... So yeah, I'm going from dialed in with what I had to work with to clueless with one purchase of new nutes lol... hoping for a little guidance!

Thanks everyone!


The feeding charts are usually laid out in weeks of the plants life. Different stages require different levels of nutes ect. Most growers growing in soil feed nutrients every other watering. With concentrated nutrients you always want to start out lower then the recommended feeding and work your way up if needed.

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Depending on the age of yer kiddos depicts the amount of nutes
I usually use same % all thru veg, then change to flower and similarly keep the same % till late in flower
Start at 1/4 and up it to about 1/2 strength. I rarely go above 1/2 strength of manufacturer suggested amount


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I used Flora Nova my first couple of grows. Like Chris and Shawn mentioned, definitely alternate between plain watering and nutrient solution. Flora Nova is super salty and I had to leach (aka flush, but that gets confused with pre-harvest flush) the pots out with water to get the salt out. I'd had mysterious yellowing and brown spots, and dying leaves until I figured that one out.

As far as their schedule, alternating the water makes it tricky because how long your pots take to dry out will kind of determine the "week" you're on. But, the dosages they recommended are pretty close to what I found worked well in soil. Promix is soil-less if I remember right, so even with all those other nutrients added in, I don't think things will get too hot, but it's always best to start low and taper up of course. But in my experience, with pretty small plants, only a 400 W light, and in nutritious soil, the 5 mL/G dose isn't crazy once you're into flowering-sized plants. Try to raise it up from 1/4 strength gradually over the course of vegetation, and you should be golden.


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Thanks for the responses guys! I appreciate it! And thank you fertilizer for clearing up the confusion with a little more detail! I kinda figured it out after I sat and thought about it for a little bit... The feeding chart is more of a guide and what nutes to use when you're in whatever stage of your grow. At least that is my understanding now... correct me if I'm wrong. The lack of data about the waterings in between does make it confusing!! One would think you're just pounding nutes into them nonstop with no end in sight if you're looking at that chart for the first time.

Yeah the promix is nutirent free soil, or so I was told at my grow shop. The guy said its great, and he's a good dude, so I guess I'm diving in and giving it go!

Anyway, thank guys! I think I'm pretty clear now!
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