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So I am new to growing I got a 2x2x4 tent a duct fan sucking air out if tent up top a 600w led veg/bloom light an all my seedlings keep doing great then falling over after a few days after sprouting them in grodan 1.5 inch cubes ? Please help


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they were tipped over I put them in the cups this morning and out of soil around the grodan cubes and up the stem to hold them up I got performance Miracle Grow organic that's all I had this morning but went out and got some foxfarm ocean Forest soil don't know if I should transplant the cubes in stuffing into the foxfarm Now or?? An could my light be the problem they look just how they look now about a 1/2 inch stem it was just tipped over this morning

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Put your light 24" above your cups. Put those clear cups inside some solid color cups as the roots don't like light. Do you have holes in the bottoms of your cups for drainage. I think you may be over watering. You only need 1/8th cup of water every day or 2 for the 1st week or so. They need to start growing their 1st real set of leaves before you water the whole cup.


Okay but should I keep them and when the Miracle Grow soil that has hella adding perlite or should I move it to something else with the foxfarm ocean Forest soil. And yes they all have multiple holes

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My light was also a lot closer and I had the veg and Bloom switches on overnight on my light heard it doesn't matter so should i jus keep it on veg or what should I do lol
If your going to use your led for seedlings I would just use the veg switch . My vipar spectra 600 the seedlings like the veg switch .
And as instructed move the light to 24” and come down gradually.
Isn’t that soil pretty hot for a seedling ? Not a soil grower so one will show up !

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The MG organics is .19-.03-.03.
It's a bit N heavy.
It says to feed 30 days in. Careful of overwatering.
I haven't seen anyone use it here. Doesn't mean it won't work.
I've seen the natural care (green bag) and it grew plants just fine.

Being an organic soil, be on the look out for fungus gnats. If you do get them buy yourself some mosquito bits. Add it to your water 24 hrs prior to use and it will kill off the gnats.

I would start seeds in a lighter soil or soiless mix.


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I think the performance organic maricle gro is what in there now should I switch to the fox farm now
Well first of all :nerd-with-glasses:seedlings should be put into a "Seedling Starter mix", I use "Jiffy Organic Seedling Mix", well cuz it's cheap :19: but you can feel the difference when you touch it, it's like velvety soft and NO NUTRIENTS
A lot of strains don't like to feed right away in soil...hydro, hempy, and coco are different, but you're in soil so...I say too hot of soil and they look over watered already, and get them girls out of those wind breaks, let that fan blow on them, they like it, and no don't transplant just let them dry out a little and just watch, don't touch...lol...Just my 2 cents


I pulled the Gordon cubes out of that Miracle Grow soil and redid it with some Fox Farms ocean Forest haven't watered them want the cubes to dry out any suggestions


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If you are going to continue with organic soil, throw the pH pen away, you don’t need it, pHing water is for hydro guys (using nutes)

When growing organically, the plants regulate the soil pH to suit their current needs, trying to out “think” your plants needs and adjusting water pH is likely to cause you all kinds of problems.
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