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help my babies


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I'm a first time grower, using orange bud seeds, last time I germinated 5/5 sprouted and all but one have died - I think it's down to overwatering??? I used the peat thingys that expand when you put them in water - I didn't put them under light till they were around 3" high ( around 1.5m away)

they developed long stringy stems and fell over - i used toothpicks to keep them upright but didn't put them under a fan till after.
I now have 5 more seeds germinating in tissue and are ready to put into something.... I don't want them to die :(

- how early should they be put under light? (I have a 250w sodium setup with a fan blowing air over it) also,
- how long before I should use additives? I bought a load of bottles of biobzz stuff from the shop along with "ALLMIX" soli mixture
- also is it a bad idea to use a dilute urine solution for it's N content?


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sorry i drove you to nicotine mate, like i said - much to learn, I read in Ed Rosenthal Marijuana Grower's Handbook that it was - QUOTE: "Urine is also very high in N and is easily absorbed by the plants. It should be diluted to one cup urine per gallon of water." i should have known... but didn't want to piss on my newborns anyway...
since your reply my surviving seedling has been put under light (about 2ft) and the remaining 5 seeds are in the propagator in peat (no pee has been or will be added)


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After they grow a bit Buba,
No problem, happens when the brain tries to run.

If you use fresh dirt they shouldn't need anything for the first couple months.
I never read Ed or Jorge's books, just peices of them.
Musta' missed that one. It under Gerilla growin' or somethin'?
If ya' can't find a store .. any port in a storm, I recon' :3:

Seems even deluted,
it would start to sink after a bit.
Maybe not a good idea indoors :3:
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