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Help my favorite strain's mom is sick

Hello there, first time poster here.

My room has a/c, humidity is low around 40%
I feed and water at 6.5 ph(liquid test)
I have been feeding with gia green dry amendments mixed into a tea that I aerate and then filter.
Using water that I aerate and wait atleast 24 hours to de-chloronate.
Feed 2 feedings at 1200ppm and then water, repeat.
In 50% perlite 50% coco coir.
I spray with neem once weekly for pests prevention.
I include cal mag and root promoter with feedings.
All organic.
Veg room is under hortilux blue mh.
Using yeast method of introducing c02.

Please help, this is the last of this pheno. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for all your help. Read the forum often, just never signed up before.


Virgin Ground

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You need to pH for hydro. Adjust to 5.8. :thumb:


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5.7 to 6.0 for coco and the neem oil clogs the stomata which slows down transpiration. The a/c will slow it down too. But Virgin Ground nailed it your not uptaking nitro to grow due to ph lockout


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I’d raise the humidity some too for veg.
If your temp is 70-80F, you should be between 65-75%.


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Thank you. I put her back in a smaller pot, changed humidity and changed ph to 6. So far she has stopped declining. No significant t growth yet. Might take some time for turning around.
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