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Help my lights didnt turn on when i thought


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My plants are still in vegetation and somehow the cord got bumped when I though i turned the lights on after their 6 hour dark cycle and realized the lights never came on so they were in darkness for 10 hours am i scrued?

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how early in veg are they? if it was just ONE night, I'd think you're PROBABLY safe... just think what happens in nature when you get a real dark/cloudy day - they still grow fine. if it came from a feminized seed, the light stress MAY cause a herm, so just keep an eye on it... but if I were one to bet, I'd put my money that it'll be just fine.

Are you running the lights manually? or do you have them on a timer? if no timer, get one. they're pretty cheap for a mechanical timer (around $8-10 I think at Wally's or Homer's)

Good luck


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You are completely fine. It takes more than one day to make the plants go into flower. You can also reveg a plant. If it was just 10 hours for one day, and you go back to 18/6, they will be 100 percent OK. If you are nervous give them a day of 24/7 light, and go back to 18/6.
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