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Help needed from experts


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So my lady has been polinated like 2 3 weeks ago.
She is the only Plant i got now. she was ever a hermie.

my plant is at about 9 week of flowring (sativaish). i can see TONS of Seed sites.

This question is for EXPERTS.

Do the seeds Grow INSIDE the CALYXes in the cola and the rest of the buds?!?!? ! will it fuck everything up?

cause the trichroms are still clrear. some people told me that the plant will put a 50 50 effort on making seeds and THC (more trichromes) and some told my CHOP IT DOWN NOW!! cause the plant is 100% spending its energy on making seeds.

pleaseeeeeeeee answer theses 2 Q's ONLY if u know what ur talking about
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