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Help needed in diagnosis please


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Hi guys and girls,

I hope your all having a nice weekend so far?

I have a problem with yellowing leaves (again) I not sure what I am perhaps doing wrong or what I am lacking in feeding the girls and could really do with some advice or pointers

Some Info first.

400w HPS
Soil - Plant magic Plus
Temps 26 28 at the tops
Humidity 40 44
Pants CBD Crew critical mass x 2 (scrog)
Nut for the last 2 feeds - 2 L of tap water with 4ml Bio bizz boom 6ml bio bizz grow - 1ml of advanced meta boost, Ph'ed to 6.5 on the dot, Ph runoff is around 5.6

small blob of molasses.

3 and half weeks in to flower

I am thinking its a mag deficiency and that i need to be adding Cal-Mag to the feed? I watering at the moment every 3 - 4 days.

Or should I just up my Grow to bring up the N-P-K or is the run off to low and thats causing the lock out.

some pics -



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She looks like she has either a micro nutrient deficiency or a nitrogen deficiency.

I would start by adding half of the recommended amount of calmag of whatever brand you have or can get. Wait 4 or 5 days and see if you can see a real difference (compare them to these pictures). If it doesn't help, it probably needs just an overall boost in nutrients. Calmag is pretty crucial though, start with that.

Cheers and good luck.


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Hi and thank you for your advice, I'll give this a try. I plan on picking up some calmag tomorrow and will add it to the feed on there next watering day. I am following the biobizz guide but I am guessing this is just a basic guide and upping the bloom and grow won't be a problem for them. Thanks again :)


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Hi guys, so I have been using the call mag with each feed and I am not convinced it's made any difference. Not sure what I should try next, only two weeksides before I start to flush for the final two weeks. Here is a pic


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If you are that close to the flush quit adding your grow nutes let them suck it all out of the leaves you will be fine it looks like most of the yellowing is under the canopy anyways
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