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Help needed! leaves are losing their colour


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Passive intakes work fine if your outtake is strong enough and if you run your lights at night there'll be more co2 available in the air...
How would I change to a night cycle? I want to but I wasn't sure if I should give it 12 hours of extra light or dark to achieve it? Or should I gradually break it in by altering the cycle by say an hour a day until it's using a night time cycle? Thank you for all the help/advise!

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Hi Unwins, In my opinion, I would change it to night by leaving the lights on for the extra time, ie, just leave them on till you get to the new time of switching it off, so maybe 36 hrs better than shortening the day time, will give them flowering thoughts lol.
For anyone listening to my counterpart in all this, if you are in the UK, and the temp is 25C, humidity 60% (most mid summer days) then your out-take fans are not gonna work if you use an auto controler like I do for everything , SO YOU NEED AN INTAKE FAN, unless of course you use CO2.
Experiance, mid summer, all plants over heating and willting, i got an enclosed light (600wHPS) with a fan taking the air straight through the tent so no heat, I looked at the temps and the humidty, all looked great, it was only when i realised the bloody fans were not taking out, so the inlet fan was also not working, that they had no CO2, get a seperate inlet at a very slow speed, so it always gives new air, replace the tent volume of air every hour min, or set your controller to a min of say 10% fan speed in and out (not with CO2, this is for normal growing)
Hey BoyDean, More CO2 at night? of course there is, but I bet not more than a quick cough worth if you coughed in the tent.
We all know that plants give it off at night, so the air will have more in it, but they not getting anything really worth while.
Where as, If you had said that growing at night will reduce the temperatures due to the outside being cooler, then you got it right, but then you gotta think of the helicopters flying at night looking for us (uk)
Anyhow Unwins, I'm sure you will get some responces now, if only to tell me I am wrong lol


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i had already agreed with FD that running his lights at night will reduce temps, plus theres more than a cough worth or extra co2 a night

Anyway all that fancy stuff ain't need to have a successful grow, i currently have a 600w in a 3x3 space with a passive intake powered by a 6inch outtake and my plants never over heat or wilt. and RH is fine... Yes a intake fan would add benefits but its not NEEDED.

helicopters flying around at night ain't going to see a 600w bulb, lol


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thanks for that i'll just leave it on overnight for an extra 1 hours and start the cycle again. I took some pictures of the plant because its easier than explaining but it still seems a shade or two lighter than it should be. also the new leaves are really thin compared to the rest of the leaves. is that normal?

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