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Help needed very slow growth!


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Hello world i have 2 plants in my closet they are in 3rd week from seed into very small pots, they have still only 2 sets of true leaves yet. My lightning is a 135 w ufo hydro blackstar 3w flowering and i am aiming to go with it from seed to harvest. What am i doing wrong? they grow in soil, i haven't added any fertilizers yet, but when the 3rd set appears i will transplant them into 15 liter pots and then use the biogrow and biobloom from biobizz. Any help would be apreciated. thanx!


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What's your soil, are the leafs healthy/small/curled? How close do you have the light,are you moving air ? How small are the starting pots maybe root lock.


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Hello there GF, any photos of the ladies, and would ask you the same questions , starins , what type of soil, distance form the light how often are you waqtering ect, but we do like pictures, Peace OG.

And 21 days from seed, could be normal but more info is needed, Pics are very helpful.
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