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I have two plants in a 18x24x65 ins cupboard with a 150 CFL light and I also have a 4" extractor fan in place but not yet used
I am wondering if anyone has any tips or advise it would be a massive help
Thanks in advance


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Good morning,
With the information you have given I would suggest you start running your 4" extractor fan on either a timer or thermostat. You should be changing out the air in your grow area to bring in fresh Co2 for your girls to breath. Also I see no mention of a circulating fan mentioned. You will want air movement is with your plants. Not gale force winds but enough to little wiggle the leaves a little. An oscillating fan works great for that.
One good idea for you would be to google on the internet, typical grow room set ups. This will not only show you different ways t set up your growing area buy why it is important to have each item for that particular set up.
another suggestion would be to check out a few of the grow journals of different members of the site and see how they have there grows set up.
Hope this gets you started on getting everything dialed in.


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Ahhh.... I get it now. Sorry, I was confused... seems to happen more as the years progress.
oldergrower gave great advice. I'd add a suggestion to get a good little temp and RH meter. Cheap and very handy. Many of them record highs and lows giving you a handle on what's going on when you're not looking and it's buttoned up.
Still... Try hempy pots... easy.... 2 litre bottle hempy grows seem to be all the rage these days.


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With the extractor fan should I put it on a timer with my light which is 18 on and 6 off ? Also I do have a 5" desk fan with low and high setting should I put that in on low speed and on a 18 on and 6 off timer too ?

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I'd run an extractor fan 24/7. The girsl need to breath even while they sleep.


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I use the extractor fan to regulate my temperature, therefore it is attached to a thermostat which kicks in whenever it starts to get hot in there. If your intake air is warm enough you can run the vent fan on a timer, to come on every once in a while 24/7.

If, like for me, your intake air is cold, you wouldn't want it running during lights out or things might get too cold in there. I definitely leave oscillating fans on 24/7. For your small space the low setting would be good probably.
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