Help! Nutes Burned my Girl Scout Cookie?


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Hey Family,
My first post on this site, looking for an assist.

Picked up my clones 3 days ago, gave them a light watering day 1 and 1/2 dose of Fox Farm Grow big on Day 2, nothing so far today (day 3). I have 3 Blue Dream and 3 Girl Scout Cookies going and the BD took the nutes GREAT and popped up. Ive got 1 light hog who may be a mother in the future. However, the GSC did NOT like that feeding...

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I know all strains are different, but any ideas on the following:

1. Did I damage the GSC?
2. What deficiency or surplus is this? a light yellowing around the middle of the leaves
3. Tomorrow is just h20 day, should I give the GSC girls a light flush?
4. I know GSC is "fragile" but anyone recommend any nute lines (other than FF) that work well with it?

I have a buddy in MI who uses Heavy 16 for his 72 GSCs and they love it! However, harder to get in Cali

Thanks in advance!

Happy Growing
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