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Help on 2nd grow


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Hey all,

Just started my 2nd grow a couple days ago putting 12 blue dream clones in 12 coco coir filled, properly drained solo cups. Been keeping them under 400 W of MH the first day then moved to 600. Watered to run off with a 5.9 phd solution of RO water and 10 mL of earth juice grow 2-1-1 (2/3 medium strength) 3-4 mL meta K 0-0-5 (just under medium). Also used a mild earth juice nute solution and calmag. This same problem of brown spots and yellowing leaves is showing up, but earlier. I watered them each of the 2 days I had them until this happened, figured it was overwatering last time but thought I couldn't over water in coco coir? Please let me know what you guys think I may have wrong based on the picture.


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I'd gladly help but your info contradicts your symptoms. So we need photos.

Your symptoms sound like pH problems causing Calcium Def and possibly Nitrogen or Phos defficiancy. But you are also saying none of that is true.

So what is the pH of the run off? Yes you can over water in any medium even DWC. No joke if you do not have enough air in the res you will drown plants in DWC.

Pics and let them dry out between watering. Healthy plants can go a while without water or nutes and it promotes faster more vigorous root growth.

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