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I plan to plant 6 autoflower fem seeds under a 600w MH/HPS. I've looked around and there are so many different options and so much information, it gets overwhelming o_O... This will be my first grow, I'm a total noob and have months or research to do before I even start. Wondering what a good general feeding regimen would be for autoflower strains from seed to harvest. Great detail would be appreciated as I am a total nub... I've read that I should start them on some kind of grow booster immediately some say dont feed at all for 2 weeks... I'll be planting directly into 2 gallon pots, what kind of medium should I use? Soil? What kind of soil? Should I mix it with perlite and/or worm castings and at what ratio? Any help would be appreciated.

Could I start then with 2/3 FoxFarm Ocean Forest 1/3 perlite mix in 2 gallon pots? and maybe Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger bloom? When would I start adding which nutrients to the water and how much? Are there any other nutrients that I SHOULD purchase to suppliment? Thanks in advance.
i used all FF on my autos with good results.
now using bud candy on week 11. then flushing for week 12-13. 2 gal. pots are perfect for auto. since their roots only grow for half the grow. good luck
sorry to hear about female situation.
thats why i do fem auto seeds or any seeds. got 5 fem seeds from nirvana all 5 female short riders bud now. it will save you time, soil, space and nutes. i will never plant regular seeds again due to waiting so long to sex only to find out its useless.
i know its a little more expensive. but worth it in the long run. good luck, sully.
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