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Help on best 4' x 4' LED Grow room set up


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Hi, im planning on setting up a nice grow tent of 4' x 4' with LED and soil and a sea of green , maybe scrog

I've already wandered around a bit and i like the LED Pro-grow 400 Full spectrum
Can you tell me more about this one? or something better for around the same price.

Also what would be the best container size for the plants for a sea of green or SCROG.

Ive seen some "KITS" but they fulfill my needs. Can you help me please? Im a first timer and certainly need lots of help!

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Good morning Segura420,

I too am going to LED's. I decided for numerous reasons to go with the Mars II 1200. I am running the same tent size as you. The price was right and comes with a standard 3 year warranty. That right there is pretty hard to beat.



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High ,I can't help you w/ LED,soil and container I can. The great soil I use is FoxFarm Ocean Forest and airpots for the container.:ganjamon:


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I just set up a 4 x 4 tent. I got a MarsII 900 Watt and the actual ScroG setup is 45 inches wide x 36 inches deep so I have room for fans and such. Seems to have good coverage. I can keep it at 79 degrees with a 4 inch exhaust through a carbon filter that pretty much runs constantly while the lights are on. I am running six plants but next time going with four bigger plants.
Here's a pic.


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I am currently flowering in 5 gallon smart pots. In my White Rhino grow I am going with 7 gallon tho and would suggest you do to. You can only run out of pot space but to much is a good thing.
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