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Help on outdoor grow


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Hows it goin 420 magazine!! this is my first outdoor grow using clones. Let me tell you what i did and what problems i ran into. So i kept them under a light for about a month til they grew about a foot tall (some 8 inches).. i kept turnin the light off of them gettin them use to the light change til it was 12hrs no light.. then i kinda messed up by puttin them in direct sunlight for 12 hrs without puttin them in the shade.. the leafs turned bleach white so i put them in the shade for a few days now there outside for good and growin great!! the stems are gettin huge and the leafs that were white fell off and theres new growth everywhere..

i have a few questions...

i put them into 12 gallon black containers with some great soil that has all the nutrients i need.. is this a big enough container to use??? and will i need to add nutrients at all down the road? and my water is well water do i need to ph the water??

They seem to be doin good i jus want it to stay that way..



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12 gallon sounds plenty to me, im gonna be having my ladies that are outdoors going into 5 gallon pots, i cant let em get to tall!!! so 5 is going to have to do it for me!!! but yea if you dont care about their height, then go for it, the more the roots can go out, the taller the plant will be!!!


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If 12 Gal pots are what you have, that will work... the way I see it, the BIGGER the container the better!

Yes you will need nutes at some point I would say... the plants will use all available nutrients in a 12 Gal pot pretty fast, especially if they are a nute hungry strain.

Well water is fine but I would PH it a few times just so you have an idea of what it is consistently... always good stuff just to know!

Best of luck w/your grow!
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