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Help on what to do


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Hello everyone,

I just got seeds (Cali orange and White Widow). I have never grown weed before. I have a 2' by 3' closet to grow in. What should I do.

I plan on using flurescent bulbs, 4 on top and maybe 1 or 2 on the side. I will also stick with soil not hydro as I dont know what im doing. I guess I will use 1 or 2 gallon buckets for the plants. Any recomendations?

Im just looking for someone to steer me in the right direction as far as set up goes. How many plants can I grow in this space? (I was thinking 4) Will my lighting be okay? What kind of yield do you get out of a small grow like this? Also my girlfriend and I are a little paranoid about how bad it is gonna smell when it is growing, Is it strong smelling and if so what can we do about it.

Thanks a Billion


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hey bro nice selection Cali orange x White Widow :439: . line the closet in mylar or paint ALL inside white so the light gets reflected all over. Definitely get a fan or two, one to exhaust the heat and the other for fresh air and to move plants gently.

your lighting set-up sounds good, just make sure you put it in a 8" or larger pot to allow maximum space for root growth. :allgood:

your probably right 4 should be sufficient enough, especially for your first grow man. It all depends on the strain for yield, research your seeds it will tell you yield and most importantly the flowering time ex.55-60 day. as long as you exhaust properly smell shouldn't be bad at all if your really paranoid then spend the money on a coco-carbon filter. peace! :rasta:
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yeah like p420 said. i would go with the 4 plants. keep the lights as close as possible with out burning the plants. i would go with the 2 gal pots. i wouldnt worry much about smell of a small grow. they usually dont smell unless you rub up against them or disturb them. just put glade plugins in the other rooms.


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"I throw the seed on the ground, and the dirt gives birth." - Total Devastation


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Thanks for the help everyone, I feel a little more confident now.

Would a 250 watt hps light be better than 4 flourescent tubes? They have some on ebay for 75 bucks.


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i got a quick question...can you just use regular flourescent light bulbs to grow plants indoors and for how long


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yeah what zeke said .. hps u need alot of room i got a 4 foot by 3 foot by 3 and if i dont keep an eye on it it will get mad hot i got like 4 fans keeping temp down with small areas i would stick with flourals... and o zeke how is she coming along ..and sticky you can use them as long as you want


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the buds arent very big, i dont know why they are taking so long to grow..... its been like 6 weeks into flowering. and the bending is good i should have enough room for a full grown plant.
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