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Help - PAML lab test - Pre-employment drug screen


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I just took a pre-employment drug test a couple days ago. I haven't smoked in 21 days. I was at a party, had a little too much to drink, and took like 3 hits out of a bowl. I do NOT smoke regularly. The last time I smoked before that was several months. I'm 5'4", about 115 lbs, and I'd say my metabolism is higher than average. I took 2 at-home drug tests before the pre-employment one and both were clearly negative. Being the excessive worry wart that I still decided to drink like 3 water bottles, some gatorade, and one glass of cranberry juice before my test. I also just wanted to make sure I could pee a couple times before my test and that I'd be able to produce urine for the actual test. I knew I'd be flushing and diluting my urine a bit but I didn't expect it to come out so clear!! It literally almost looked drinkable. I may have f*cked myself by overworrying about it and drinking too much. I don't normally eat that much when I'm home alone and I've been home alone this past week.... so that being said, my creatinine levels are probably low to begin with. I'm sure all that fluid didn't help -_-

Anyway, the main reason I am concerned right now is that my specimen is being sent off to PAML lab (Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories) and I'm worried that my specimen will be considered dilute/tampered with/altered/whatever. In the "Remarks" section, the lab tech wrote "WSDL." What the heck does that mean??? Has anyone noticed this before??? I once took a drug test at one other place before and in the "Remarks" section, the lab tech wrote "Results - Negative." But this time, she wrote "WSDL." I don't know if this is because my specimen is too dilute, if I didn't pass, or if this is just standard protocol for their pre-employment screens.

Does anyone have any experience with PAML before? Does anyone know what "WSDL" stands for? Has anyone received a negative-dilute result on a pre-employment drug test before? What happened? Was it considered an automatic fail?

I am literally having anxiety attacks over this. I can't sleep at night. I really need this job. I feel so horrible for what happened at that party.... I would not have smoked if I had not gotten so drunk. I don't know what got into me!!

Any information on this would be helpful.

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