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Help! Places that don't drug test!


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bed bath and beyond. ( worked there they never did in my store unless something went terribly wrong and you got hurt) not even to get hired.

I know they are nation wide.


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ruby tuesdays

not sure if it is a nation wide restaurant or not


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Pita Pit doesnt, also first try and get a job at your local stores, like the mom&pop family run places. i just got a job at one of those types of places, most laid back and no tests, no mess.


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For starters you should go to your state employment website & register, in each job description there should be a place where they inform you if drug testing is mandatory. I joined the job service and was AMAZED at the number of jobs (good ones at that) that did no drug testing.


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Convenience stores will never test you. They'd never hire anyone.

Only two people at the 7-Eleven I work at do not smoke, and those are the managers.

i know my friend who works at a kangaroo (gas station) here in N.C. was supposed to be drug tested, but didn't have to since he personally knew the managers. But yea, anyone else would have been drug tested.

I know a few ruby tuesdays drug test, but I see you are in N.C. as well, and none of them in north carolina test. Get a job there, usually everyone working is good friends with everyone else, no matter if you are manager or the bus boy, everyone is real chill to everyone else.


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Yeah but maybe they should, don't get me wrong I'm not for drug testing but I am all about a safe work place and judging from the quality of the food and having worked with so many people in the food biz. Most of them can't chew gum and think at the same time. most of the younger kids in restaurants these days can't think when their sober, they have no work ethic and getting stoned only compounds the frustrations a kitchen manager has to put up with.:ganjamon:

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you can't control your high then the high controls you and thats not a good thing, ever!:peace::yummy:

I know exactly what you mean, but in the restaurant business one of the main problems I've seen is favoritism from managers towards their employees. It's their job to evaluate performance, not a drug test.


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Boss...that's awesome. Wish that'd work here in some instances. if you refuse than you automatically don't get the job. But, some state jobs don't test...just gotta check. Of course every restaurant job doesn't test down here. Any hard labor...landscaping, carpentry, etc. doesn't test down here unless its for a world wide corp. then they have to.
Exotic dancing and bouncers don't have to test. I'm just rackin my brain. I don't ever have to test...gotta good state job;)


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What you do on your time IS your business. If it YOUR RIGHT to privacy. If I meet or exceed job expectations, I should be able to shoot Cra$ at lunch.

One question. Who in the FUCK do these people think they are?

It's kinda like the army. When nobody joins, they loosen the rules to get people in. So when nobody will apply, not because of the drug test, but because the company does not believe in the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights, they will stop drug testing.

Also, we need to pass a law making all drug testing non profit. There are billions of dollars in testing, and because we ignored this market as a movement, and did not adequately assign lawyers to fight for us, we have created another lobby that will fight against us to the death.

Until such a time comes, when said employee creates reasonable doubt as to thier ability to safely and completely meet the required job functions, no search shall be allowed in any shape or form. Bodily fliuds, body particles, questionaires, lie detectors and similar equipment cannot be used at anytime before, or during employment, unless said Job fuctions require medical proof that the employee could sustain serious health risks without being in a pre-determined physical or mental condition.

To protect employers and insurance comanies, we would reliquish these rights in any situation that brings an employees perdrmance into question, and there is reasonable doubt in thier ability to perform the job, based on an accident, or a history of progressive discipline steps taken in writing. Under such circumstances, should a test show any non allowed substance, said employee releases all liability from the company, it's agents, insurance and affiliates. No severance, no insurance, nothing. It's only fair.
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I just watched the Obama (however you spell his name) video. Does anyone know who Ron Paul is (also running for President and for legalization of marijuana) We need to actually all vote to make a change like Boss said we gotta fight the lobby we created. We gotta have an army to fight the army.


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Yeah...he didn't get far, which isn't surprising to me, and most of the recent Presidents have put a lot of sh't out there that has fucked things up. I guess more of what I was trying to say is that we need an army to fight the army. But yeah...the next President is gonna be in knee high shit for cleaning up.


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Blockbuster Video. They start at $8.00/hr. I swear, its the easiest job ever and fun as hell. Also, many employees I work with follow me home and toke with me :48:

From the mouth of my manager

"If Blockbuster were to start drug testing, half the workforce would be fired."

I love my job.


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I refuse to test if asked. It's unconstitutional.

I can always get another job,I can't get my rights back if I give them away.

If you're a perceptive person and a talker,try sales. Most sales jobs don't drug test. A decent percentage of the commission sales force runs on coke. You don't give up more sales over minor things like drugs.
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