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Help! Plants Sick At 43 Days Into Flowering!

Dr wrecka

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Notes: seedlings were planted in miracle grow moisture control until 3 weeks in veg I know I'm a beginner and i know better now. Replanted into coco with miracle grow around root mass, also didn't know at the time I could rinse off the soil. I'm thinking nute burn from miracle grow releasing nutes every time I water but I'll let you'll see what you think. Was just feeding nutes twice a week and only water on weekends. No pests and have checked thoroughly. As symptoms appeared I slowly decreased nutes and cal mag til now I'm just watering with ph 6 water. Using digital meter that is tested and very accurate.

Symptoms: fan leaves clawing and curling down also canoeing downward
Yellowing across leaves on 2 stalk of one plant.
Nute burn tips all over other plant.
Deformity in leaves morning after watering
Very Sensitive to Nutes

Setup: 2x4 grow tent
6" inline fan and 2 mini fans
400 watt hps
RO water
2 5 gallon containers in coco
Dutch pro nutrients by canna
Cali magic







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Re: Help!!! Plants Sick At 43 Days Into Flowering!

thats a lot of food mate , i feed every 2nd 3rd week water in between and thats not in slow release nutes soil , think you have stored a lot of nitrogen by the looks of things , maybe its locking out other stuff . I am not long growing my self but i soon learned over feeding and over watering = pain in the butt

slow down of food man , less is more

im sure one of the long time growers will give you a better answer

good luck


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Re: Help!!! Plants Sick At 43 Days Into Flowering!

I am with paddysmoke, the "claw" looking leaves is a sign of nitrogen toxicity, as well as all the tips of the leaves have nute burn. I believe nitrogen will lock out calcium for sure. for being that far into flower, your plants look very green to me but I am used to seeing them turn yellow early (still learing lol). I would think you have 3-4 weeks to go, so I would start watering 2-3 times a week and feed on weekends maybe. Best thing to do is flush for sure with straight R.O water for a couple of waterings, then a couple of feedings then probably on to the flush period anyways... but hopefully someone more reputable will chime in.....
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