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Help please 5 week into veg


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The last few days I've been noticing these white/yellow markings on my leafs . 5weeks info veg , 22lt pot . Getting fed 1/2 a litre every other day with 2ml a+b 1ml multitotal and 1ml of takeroot all nutirenc is Dutch pro . I'm going to flip it next Saturday to 12/12 any advise will be great will post pics up asap

Fuzzy Duck

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A pic may help !

I did think about a micro nutrient problem but would appear odd for vegging but could be macro nutrient issue kind of sounds like K - potassium from the description at best with out a pic ?

Just some guess work !

Not sure about your nutrient feeding regime or how often tho but may suggest under feeding to experience problems in veg.

The other thought was spider mites...


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Thanks, the ph is spot on and no mites or bugs or insects there atall, been loving growing the last few weeks just the last few days she's got these things on the leaves. I did think about to much light at the moment she's on 24/7 and have been since she sprouted 125w cfl the light is about a foot and half away from her but today I gave her 4hrs of darkness getting her ready For next week's flip to 12/12
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