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Help Please! Noobie Here!


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Hi all I am new to DWC and have one plant strain is Dinafem: Industrial Plant.
My problem is I am on my second week of veg going into the third and I'm feeding her with GHE Flora three part,
and at the moment my Ph after a couple of days are dropping and PPM's are increasing from 280 and stabilizing at 312. So I know I'm over feeding her slightly but I can under stand why I can't push more PPM's into her with out over feeding her and having this problem again. I have also notice that she hasn't got any bigger this week and I'm feeling worried that I have totally stunted her growth, in first week of veg she had calcium deficiency which was down to Ph meter broken so it locked the nutes I was giving her so I can understand why she might be stunted a little but I fixed this problem after a couple of days in the first week of veg. i hope this helps anyone to help me I can put up photo's in awhile when I get chance. I would be grateful to anyone that helps me :) :peace:
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