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Help Please Nuteburn or cal/mag def!


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Hello im currently in veg stage plant is about 40 days old under a 250W CFL 6400k (first 14 days in 4L pot and after that repot in 15L air pot)
Temps are quite high like 27-28*C and humidity like 30%
Soil BioBIzz AllMIx + BioBizz nutes( bio grow, bloom , Heaven , ROot Juice , Alg-mic, Fish mix , Top max) and AN' piranha and tarantula that i also mixed in the soil
I dont Ph my feeding coz its all organic and the soil buffers its self ( done a Ph runnof test to be sure its not PH and its 6.7-6.8 ) also i dont use tap water ( my tap water here is PH 8.5 and ppm 700-1000) i use botled water with a ph 7.3 / ppm 100-150
my feeding till now was like this
day 1-7
plain water

day 7-14
Root juice (1-2 ml/L) + piranha and tarantula

day 14(repot)
first 2 feedings just water with Root Juice (2ml/L) + piranha and tarantula ( i have to mention here the quantity of the water was 1L for the 2 first feedings)
3rd feeding was 3.5L of water ( big pot drinks lots ) Root Juice (2ml/L)+ Bioheaven(2ml/L) piranha and tarantula

afther this i stared to add with each watering for half a dose each bio grow and fishmix
BIoGrow(0.5ml/L)+fishmix(0.5ml/L) +rootjuice(2ml/L) every other day
and between
ROotJuice(2ml/L) + Bioheaven(2ml/L) + algmic(1ml/L) ( all mix has MG def .... happend before) but im confused now
i water twice a week ( summer now ) low control on temps but it has a lot of airflow for these hight temps

my feeding is done by first aerating the water for 12h then adding the nutes +piranha and tarantula and let them brew for 24h and then feeding
i feed half of my mix to the plant.... let the plant absorb for 1hour and then feed the rest...

my problem here is realy i dont know why the leaves look like this... im confused and when i get confused i start to overdo things ( stoner habit i guess :p ) and im afraid im gonna do more bad than good
my first post also so feel free to flame/advice/punch(to wake up) if i dint get enough info here

im planning to switch to 12/12 when i reach the size of plant i want to hope for a 3-4 oz harvest
oh ... strain is
greenhouse SLH

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Looks more like Potassium def. Check the nutes for K% and do the math. Then either feed more water or cut back on some additives etc.


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thx for answering WizHigh .... i kinda understand what u mean but..... this could have happen beacause she ( SLH ) is a P hungry plant?
coz i gave BIo Grow (8-2-6) and fish mix ( 6-3-4) and i feed her with both ( half a dose each) ... should i use only grow from now on? what to u think? today i feed with just Biogrow(0.5ml/L) + Fish(0.5L) + algmic(2ml/L) .... i kinda over did it with cal/mag but i wasnt sure what to do

and for the water .... my contaier is 3.5L (the one i mix my nutes and water and brew) and i use the dosage for 3L so its below the 1ml/L range. i do this bcoz the all mix has 2.2 ec and tought it would burn my plant if i over feed + aditives in the first month....

and if the grow is not enough.... what would u recomend ....
also i forgot to mention i use the wet dry circle for watering ( near wilting) to expand the roots to make good use of the air pot but she is drying the soil in 3-4 days tops so in the near future i guess it will be faster.
thx again for your fast reply


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Not because she needs more Potassium its because theres to much. If it is the camg problem then just back off from using it. You really dont need to use CaMg unless you feel you need to use it. Micro nutes are in all nutrient products unless there true organics or your using RO water or growing in coco coir. Other than that you can ease off the calcium additives. Or you can go every 2 waters and then use it at half strength.

Also to much calcium can cause a K (Potassium def). Which is happening with your plant. Its not a huge problem what you have right now. Just stop using it for now. Your plant is looking good so continue doing what your doing as for the nitrogen products (base nutes).


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thx again... i will just use just plain water next watering ... also for the water i will write the contents
Na - 2,84 (mg/l)
Potasium - 1,18 (mg/l)
Magnesium - 2,55(mg/l)
Calcium - 9.85(mg/l)

PH 7.35 ( tested )
EC 0
ppm 75 ( was tested with a blue lab combo meter)

i have used this water and nutes with an GHS white rhino and in veg it showed Ca/mg def and tought it was the same thing....... dunno why i tought that coz the leaves looked different.il keep updating. have a great day ;)


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yea see thats another thing water if using tap already has calcium in it. So u dont need it at all. I go 2 days regular water then feed then two days regular water then feed. etc. :thumb:


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i will certainly do that and so we dont missunderstand each other .... that was the analysis of the botled water that im using
here are some pics after this morning feed.. she kinda got a push .... realy big differnce ... dunno if i solved the problem... but the next time will be just water so... il wait and see ... fingers crossed:))) thxxxxxxx
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