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Help please: White lines on lower leaves


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I have some plants coming along outdoors. OK looking so far, except for this problem on the lower leaves that I noticed. Looking for advice on what is causing this. (Pics below)


Strain - Unknown ("Hybrid Weed on My Patio")
# of Plants - 5 total, 3 affected
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Vegetative, ~5 weeks old
Lights - Outdoor
Nutrients - Soil only
Medium - 75% fertilized soil 25% perlite
PPM - unknown
PH - unknown
RH - 50 to 60%
Temperature - 80-95 F day, 60-75 F night (outdoor)
Pests - None Known

Problem: As seen in the photos, the lower leaves on some of the plants have white marks/lines.

Looks like pest infestation in the leaf? But... I have also noticed that the bottoms of the stems (only some), closest to the soil, seem to be a bit hardened, 'husking off' almost, slightly orange/white. This made me think it might be a fertilization or nutrient problem. The stem thing is not necessarily related, main issue that has my attention is these lower leaves.

Any ideas?





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Looks like leaf miners


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Definite leafminers, I've been dealing with these little shits for a few weeks now. These seem to be a problem in the southern U.S. Right now I'm growing outdoors in potted sunshine mix #4, between a few other non-cannabis gardens. I first started noticing those little squigglys on some squash and tomatoes that we're growing. Then they just spread EVERYWHERE, including my beautiful ladies.

What to do: first, cut/remove any leaves with the squiggly lines, those are where the eggs are, they literally eat their way out from the inside from what I've read.
Next, I tried some eco-smart organic spray with neem oil and peppermint oil (and a few others, as well I mixed in some habanero sauce), both on my plants and the other plants in the garden, and saw a definite reduction in the next few days. I did a repeat application in 3 days, didn't see any more of these for a long time.
Then, about 10 days ago, I found a squiggly -.- on my lady. fortunately I just received my Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad I ordered and applied it immediately. Since then No More Squigglies! Try the MGIS or a neem-based spray or these suckers can really spread, and both those are totally organic.
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