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Help please: Will I pass my drug test??

Will I pass?

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Being drug tested this coming Friday for new job. It will have been 13 days since I smoked last, and I took about 6-7 puffs of a joint. I felt high for maybe 5-10 minutes, probably owing to the fact I don't actually inhale a lot of the smoke haha. Before that, I smoked 2-3 weeks prior to that but did not feel high at all. Before that, I was clean for 5ish months!!

I am 5'1" and ~110 pounds. I would say I have a pretty fast metabolism. I've been drinking a lot of water but that's it. It's an eCup test, and I've seen different things saying what the cut-off level is.

Bottom line, do you think I'll pass? I'm freaking out haha.

Thank you!
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