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Hi All,

need some help.

I have a possible problem:

Basic Info

20/4 light cycle
Bio Cann Vega/Flores/Bloom
Nutrients 1/4-1/2 strenght every 3rd watering.
2 x 125 Blue, 1 x 200w red CFL in 2 x 2 x 4 grow box
Temp 75-84 day 65-75 night cycle
Fed once v early flowering with Epsom Salts and with foliar feed
Never flushed

Aware: these should be in 6L+ containers but are in 3.5L containers which I am aware are too small...



It could be that they are very hungry in such small containers, or need additional nuts as I have kept these low on this grow. Also the Trich development on these seems late (could be a memory issue). Normally fed each and every feed on last grows (1/2 strength) and saw lots of trichs and with good results but always had problems with foliage burn ect.

Below is current bud: from the trichs development I would say these have 3 weeks+ left but not sure looking at the plants as a whole...




Any help on the nutrient problem would be appreciated.

Thanks all and any more info I can give please ask.

china white
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no worries,
how long in flower?
a natural occuring trait is for the leafs to yellow in flower, this just means the flowers are calling for what the plant has. its workin to produce some good meds or what have you! do what your doin, dont worrie! the flowers still look just fine right? if so your right on track!
add no extra neuts. just follow your regiment.
i use 3 gallon size bags. they are just fine. i grow up to a 6 ft plant in them!
your doin a good job! dont worrie and do something youll regret later. many folks ruin their crop because they see the yellow in the flowering phase!
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Hi 68camaro,

The buds look fine, low on trichs but I think there is still 3 weeks+ on the flowering looking at the plants as a whole. Very low odour and not sticky yet (worring)

If timing is right, do you think now is the right time to add PK 14/15 single dose after second clean watering as dont want to add this just after a feed?

Otherwise I will continue with nutrient feed schedule. Canna Bio Flores should contain enough N if they are somewhat deficient. I am loathed to go above 1/2 strength nutes even at this stage as I dont want to burn what is already there. Have been keeping low nuts all this grow due to limited research into EC ect.

These plant suffered from MG deficiency early in flowering which 3 days of foliar feeding and one lowish dose of epsom salts in clean water seemed to solve.

Thinking I might foliar feed with some epsom salts for a few days and see if things calm down/remain as is?

Should I decrease the heat? I have some additional heating elements in the cabinet to keep the inbound air warm as the cabinet is in an outside area? Is 75 optimal and should I be worried if I am 80 degrees?

Thanks in advance.


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o no very wrong time for pk! from what ive read and understand you add it to the neut. solution after inducing flowering, as soon as you see buds starting to form. very earliest stages of bud growth. i dont know what it will do to the plant in this stage. ive only incorperated it last grow. the end result was outstanding! really! i was astonished!
i never do push with to much food. i do experiment somewhat but it takes all my concentration. thats not so easy as i like other things in life. brain surgery sure cuts things down and then some! ec is not viable with the biocanna line of organic food. this to is from what ive read. the ec meter, unless only used for organic and i dont think one exsists yet. ec reads the mineral content. like the salt derived neuts. ppm, ec im not totally sure but i do believe they have a similar responce to the meters. not much!
put a temp gague at the root ball or burie it in the root ball. let me know the temp! as long as the top of the plant isnt getting hot and you see no degridation from the plant from heat temp is very good. a huge variation from day to night isnt very good!
from the start of growth if the plant goes through any stress it will show signs and then need to recoop. if no repair or recoop time is given the plant will suffer in the budding stage. always try to put the healthiest one in flower. if they look questionable save yourself some time and get em healthy before the flowering! youll love yourself for it! i can guarantee it!
all or most plants especially the good ones look like they start dieing twards the end of the flwrin phase. no worries, dont try and fix! let it go! as long as the flwrs themselves look good your good!!!!
happy growin!


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What strain? I assume they are auto-flowering cause the light cycle says 20/4?

Yellowing can occur close to harvest. Usually a little more uniform then just the bottom leaves.

I would say your ph is a little low. Looks like micro nutrient toxicity to me. The drying and curling of the yellow leaves give it away. PH is too low the plant draws too many micro nutes and not enough macro nutes. Yellowing of bottom leaves usually means lack of N, due to low PH. When micro toxicity occurs those yellow leaves curl and dry out.

I would flush now and when they are dry, feed them half strength but up the PH a little. Unless you have been PH'ing at 6.5-6.6 or higher already, then I would say up the N a little.

A couple thing to add. Don't spray your plants during flower, the extra moisture is not good for the flowers. Flushing is important, it needs to be done from time to time, especially in small containers. Salt builds up from the nutes.

Good luck with everything! Good news is you're close enough to where if you did nothing about it, you will still yield smoke :goodluck:


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thanks for the pointers on the toxicity....

For those that find this thread with similar problems here is some more info:

PH of current water with added nuts was 7.0
PH of soil was OK
Temps was reaching 90 degrees in the evening due to timer issue (replaced). This was happening in early hours so never saw this. Min Max thermometers are so important.

Think main problem was the pants could not take up enough water in dry hot environment so they were becoming toxic through nutrient saturation.

As I was using a low nut schedule(EC) thoght that fushing was not required.

Flushed plants with 3 x clean water
Fed with 1/2 strength Canna Bio Flores/Bio Bloom PH'd to 6.5
Replaced timer now 75+ day 65 night cycle

Foliage is now lusher, new growth showing, improved vigour and trich development but probably too late in this grow cycle to make much of a difference.

Hope this helps someone out there...
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