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Help please!


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hello everybody!
I'm new here, this is my first thread so please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong.

I've been growing for 7-8 years now, been growing in different systems with different strains.. so I have some experience. that being said, I have a huge problem witch I don't seem to figure out and I need professional help, please!

me and my friends all have the same problem, probably a disease.

I can't attach pics for now so here are the signs for it:

- all the pistils are dying as they emerge, almost no white pistils.
- leaves are yellowing and wrinkles all over, from younger to older, as the young affected first and most.
- stems, as well as other parts of the plant, are also changing colors to yellow/brownish.
- growth is slow, thin and unhealthy.
- not all the plant seem to be affected but almost all plants have it in some level.

I figure it's a disease because all grows related to that gen (w.widow) having the same symptoms. plus, new strains that got close, got it to.

I think it is pythum or some kind of root rot but I'm not sure because the roots seems to be pretty white, strong and healthy.

we have the same thing in coco, soil and 2 different hydro setups... different nuts, environments, water and etc...but same problem in all grows.

please help me figure out what it is and what to do because I'm helpless!!!!

:thanks: :thanks: :thanks:


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Re: H-E-L-P please!!

thank you!

here it is:
this is 5th week and all the pistils are dead!
(I'll have some better soon)




this is 5th week and all the pistils are dead!


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Re: H-E-L-P please!!

The only thing i can think of is maybe its a new defficency, if not maybe has to do with the W.W strain. Sorry havent seen anything on it yet.
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