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Help please

My clones are 12 days old. thought they were doing ok. Still no visual roots Starting to look a lil sick. No nutrients being given. 18/6 high output T5's.

There in rock wool cubes no nutrients. Stems cut at a 45degree angle and dip in clones right away. cubes were soaked in RO water. since the pics I have trimmed a lil more off the leafs and backed the T5s off a little. And am now watering from underneath


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Other than the watering underneath I think you are doing all you can but I would water as normal and not from the bottom. Keep your leaves moist with a humidity dome if possible and mist a couple of times a day. Your plant has no way to get any moisture except through the leaves until the roots develop then just lift off the dome a couple of times a day for air to circulate and hopefully they will recover......:circle-of-love:
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