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help!!! I have seeds growing
Ok I need help on what I should do .. I am in like week 6 of flowering and they look really good but if I look very close I see seeds like fully grown seeds throughout all my plants in my room. Now outside of the room is my other up and coming plants that are in Veg. Stage and I don't want them to herm. Or I don't know if they will should I harvest now or finish flowering ??? And if I do harvest can I harvest in same room with out effecting my up and coming plants that are in Veg???? Thanks someone please help.


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So, the plants in your flowering room have been pollinated. They will be full of seeds. It was caused by either some hermie flowers or a male in the area gone undetected. The fact that they are pollinated has no effect on your vegging plants. Does not in anyway cause them to turn hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodites are caused by stress and/or genetics. If you are growing seed which is from hermie plants, as bag seed often is, it will be prone to going hermie as well.
If you can see a lot of seeds now I can guarantee there are a lot more in the bud that you haven't seen yet. It's your call.
I would think you may as well let it finish flowering if it seems to still be developing. If it's not developing and getting more sticky and mature then you may as well cut it. Unless this was caused by a male, it sounds like you may need to get some better seed.

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