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Help please

Here is where I am now with this grow. I have had some troubles as you can read in previous posts lol.... Well I saved something out of it all. Now this is my Mango strain. Time wise it should be ready. I am always afraid of taking to soon or waiting to long. Opinions anyone?20190602_082331.jpg20190602_082325.jpg20190602_082311.jpg20190602_082305.jpg20190602_082249.jpg20190602_082239.jpg

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Yesterday at 9:03 AM
Mari ju ana

Thought you were done with me lol sry. This is my Northern Lights strain should be ready same time as the mango but to me it looks as though this has longer to go before harvest.
The Northern lights buds are firm and the mango buds are not firm....more like fox tails...fluffy..... And please please what is the best way to cure. There is so much I've read my head is spinning. Ugh. 20190602_085434.jpg20190602_085420.jpg20190602_085413.jpg

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You have some fat colas there, but no it doesn’t look ready. Easiest way to tell is to look through a jewellers loupe at the trichomes

Thank you any tips on curing? I hang til stems snap then in mason jars and i open the jars daily til whenever.....???
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