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Hey all, i have a few questions. my friends room dimensions are 5'wx9'lx7'h. 12 pot ebb and flow w 55 gal res.White widow and Blue Ice grow. Rockwool on top of Higromite medium. He is planning on running 2 sunsystems superspectrum 1000 watt systems. each has a 600w hps and a 400 mh under one reflective hood thats not air cooled. You can run each bulb (MH,HPS)independently or run them both together simultaneously.
1: Is this enough lights for the room? veg 800 mh, flower 1200 hps or should i run a mix and if so which?
2: Where can i find air cooled reflectors for these lighting systems? :hmmmm:


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using 12 2 gal bucket ebb and flow so i can use less then full room if needed


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The numbers come out better
with less area and the same wattage.

You should be good,
just keep the lights close as possible without burnin' 'em.
If they start to stretch you may want to add more watts
or get bulbs with more lumens.
I'm a dirty grower
and always do better with 55 watts per Square Foot as a minimum.
More watts or lums never hurts.

Check the Grow suppliers page here for the vented hoods.
Worms Way is a great place just expensive. I have one close so cash and carry for security sorta out weighs the higher price.
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