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Help: Possible Hermie, and spots


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Strain - Unknown Clone from friend
# of Plants - 1
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Flower
Bucket Size - hole in ground approximate 4 - 5 Gallon
Lights - Sun
Nutrients - Nothing added
Medium - Potting Soil
PPM - ?
PH - ?
RH - ?
Pests - Regular outdoor bugs commonly found in NE Iowa near Mississippi River.
Location - Upper Midwest
Problem: Spots showing up, some yellowing of leaves and possibly a Hermie.

Here is a little more info.

I actually have 15 plants (remaining) scattered around my property. In this area there are 5. The one mentioned above is unknown as it was a clone my friend gave me. The other 4 in this group include 2 White Rhino and 2 Pinapple Chunk. These 4 were the original to the location and are my strongest looking of all.

Back to the Clone:

Within a day or two of transplant from pot to ground pot the main beam was hammered by a deer. As a result this plant has grown very bushy. All along I noticed the plants leaves were much thinner than any of the other Strains I grew from seeds I purchased. This plant has also always been slightly lighter in color than the rest but looked healthy. That is until a couple of days ago. As you can see from the pictures I now have spots and some yellowing and looks like some hermie pollen sacks. Not really sure.

Any thoughts?



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Re: Help: Possible Hermie, and spots.

Welcome to :420: !

That's a very nice thing you have going on there. :3: :bravo:

I don't see male flowers in that pic. If you're worried about the ones on the main stem with browning pistils, no worries, that's female. The spots might be fungus/mold. The plant sits very low to the ground? Might be a little too fungus friendly down there. Has the weather been especially wet?
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