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Help - Seedling hasn't changed - Do I need to change tactics?


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Hi guys - my seedling is now at about day 14-15. It hasn't changed.

I need to figure out whats going wrong.

Please see my grow journal and issue in the signature!

Kind regards,
a fellow worried grower.


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Any pics? I went through a similar problem with my red poison auto seedlings
Hey man, thanks for the reply. Basically I have discussed it in my journal - see my signature. It has helped that I have now given the plants some nutes. They are changing a bit now! Take a look, Im posting some pics now.

Still my plants are very small for no apparent reason and one of them is quite mutated. I have been lucky enough to get ome free replacement seeds though! :)



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Small plant, big container. Lots of root growth right now. It would be better to start in a smaller container and up pot every so often.
Yeah I have heard mixed opinions though. I fully get what you are saying but many people have told me I should plant into my last pot with Autos so as to not cause any trauma from transplanting. Whats your take though?
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