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Help setting up grow tent! Few questions

Mr Stinky

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Hello! Im setting up my new grow tent here soon with my buddy and we're new to this but, we did some an amount of research and I just have a few questions about my grow set up I have in mind and would like to hear your thoughts.


I have three T5's - 2' 4 tube 96watt, all blue
And one 400 Watt HID system
Ill be moving them into my 96x48x78 grow tent here soon.

I know this doesn't match the maximum lighting potential that we could have but, funds are a lil short right now. We plan on getting either another 400 Watt or a 600 Watt system here in the next few days if we come up with the funds.

Besides all that is this enough light to even get started and possibly produce some decent bud? before I add the extra HID and after.

The grow tent I am using has rectangle windows with mesh for better ventilation without the bugs and various vents for natural air

Round Vent: 8"- 4 vents
6"- 2 vents
4"- 4 vents

Rectangular:19"x3.5"- 6 vents

I have:
two 4.5" fans
one 3.5" fan
one osculating fan

If I set it up correctly with two 4.5" fans blowing out and one 3.5" fan blowing in and the osculating fan just chilling in there do you think this will keep me at a steady temperature? We do try to keep the house we are in at 65-70 F

Thanks for the help!
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