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Help setting up the SuperPro AC 1 from Superpro Hydroponics


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Hey guys,

Iv bought one of the Superpro AC 1 Atmosphere Controllers. I needed something to control a dehumidifier and a cooling device. Now im not sure if i bought the right controller.

I have a Gekko box fan with a Y piece that is extracting hot air from the lamps and pulling air through a filter. This Gekko fan reduces heat so i hooked the Gekko up to the cooling socket and dehumidifier to the humidity socket.

I thought the controller would turn the fan down to maintain the correct temp or turn it off to bring them temp up. This is obviously the wrong because it doesn't have a fan controller (should have read the description).

So what i have happening now is the Gekko stays on all the time. It wont turn off unless i turn the temp dial on the unit past 30degree C. The temp in the room is only 25 degree C. Has anyone got one of these that can help set it up correctly ?

Do i need to buy a different fan ?
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