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Help! Substitution - Info to reassure donor?


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Hi! I am a student and cannot risk my slight chance of failing a urine drug screen (processed at student health & sent to LabCorp), so have asked a good friend to substitute. She trusts that I wouldn't throw her under the bus, but she is concerned that the company/school could tell it was her urine and not mine. Can you help me find any information, other than my word, that would reassure her they just test for drugs, and not identity? Thank you in advance!


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Its illegal for drug testing labs to test for any dna or medical information, including sex. There's absolutely no way for the piss police to know who's urine is being used. Just practice with water first to get the temp right.


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If she believes that somehow someway she will get caught, find another donor. You do not need extreme paranoia when dealing with this. If you screw up you screw up so don't let someone else screw it up for you. You have a couple of choices, don't smoke, find new donor or cross your fingers she won't rat you out… Because, like Weed 420 said, it's illegal to do that without a warrant and on top of that those tests cost THOUSANDS of dollars. No one is going to spend that sort of money on a random test….
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