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Help. Unknown pest/disease


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First grow so not too knowledgable. My plant is in veg (3week) and brown imperfections have started to appear. It looks like something has been splashed onto the leaves and caused this, but i cant think what it could be? It reminds ne of an acid burn or something similar.

Im using lawn feed nutes currently (7.5,1.5,1.5), with an ec meter (1.1) and canna proffesional soil is the medium im using.

I do have pics but no idea how to attach them. Looked everywhere.

Hope someone can help.


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Re: Help. Unknown pest/disease.

too much nitrogen , notice how dark the leaves are , they are greener than green your tips will bend down, then your plant will claw , you will see burn then they go yellow and die , you need to flush these babies right out with lots and lots of water , dont feed for week get some good nutes , biobizz grow for veg then few weeks of flower use their bloom and topmax near the end pretty good stuff and isnt too easy to over fert like most plus an added bonus is its not over priced like some .

keep the lawn food for lawns , its deadly stuff pluys your weed at the end will taste like burnt HAY

good luck :goodjob:


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Re: Help. Unknown pest/disease.

Okay cheers paddy. Is this reversable? When you say flush, how much water would you reccomend putting through?
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