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Help - whats happening to my plant?

juicy steve

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Hi all,

This is an autofem cheese . Been growing since April outdoor in the Balearics, Spain.

Plants been flowering for about 3 weeks. Had a bit of a nitrogen defficiency just as it started to flower which i treated and leaves went back to green.

2 or 3 days ago the tips went dark. It had been hot so I pressumed that was the cause, and watered with rain water as normal. But it seems to be getting worse. Ive looked at that big image with all the defficiencies, but nothing seems to correlate.

Also it seems the flowers have slowed growing in comparisson to my past 2 plants, but I might be just overthinking that one ;)




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i think you over did it with the nitrogen the plant will go really dark green then light green, theres a lot of claw also , heats big issue , you need to flush them with 3 times your pot size , give them few day then add a bit of good nutes not flowering nuts veg nutes on half strength

good luck


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Is that the whole plant? or just the bottoms?

It looks like you have a couple different deficiencies. The plant is over watered in the picture. Since you just flushed, wait until the pot is COMPLETELY dry. All the way down to the bottom dry. Up your nutrient feeding 2x what you normally do and adjust pH accordingly.

What nutrients are you using?
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