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HELP! Whats wrong with my plant?


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Well to start off, I started this grow about a month ago, it in 12/12 currently and my plant recently started budding. Well the problem is that when i woke up this morning to check on it my plant was not standing up, instead it was leaning completely over. What could have happened? Is my plant dead? Please help . thanks in advance!


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Re: HELP! Whats wrong with my plant? =/

i see lots wrong,, this will help... 420 Magazine ®

just for starters,,, it was stretching for light.... good luck...


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Re: HELP! Whats wrong with my plant? =/

Also seeing the yellowing of the tips of the upper leaves and especially on the lower. Looks like a sativa dominant to me and they are not very forgiving of over watering or too much nutes. But mainly like the others said, she is really stretching for light.
An oscillating fan on future grows helps the stems grow stronger too.
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Re: HELP! Whats wrong with my plant? =/

to your specific question, your plant has simply grown tall and top heavy, hopefully your soil is very light and fluffy so not too many roots have been ripped apart by this tumble.

Bambo canes are usefull to tall plants, fans are vital as i have learned, the wind causes the stems to thicken up and become strong.

i highly reccomend carving off those lower limbs and turning them into clones.

next time perhaps you will consider LST (Low stress training) to reduce vertical climb and stimulate lots of lower limb growth.

what kind of lighting are you using pls? that will help determine the required distance from the plant to prevent that ugly stretching.
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