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Help - Which to grow?


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Hi I am new to growing and have just set up a small grow room, while I have been building this I have grown in my green house about 6 decent sized plants from bag seed. These are about 50-60 cms (excluding pots) and quite bushy, particularly as they have been in the grow room for the last week as it is now finished.

The dilemma that I now have is that I have been given, from a good source 6 small female cuttings which are about 5cms tall.

I have been told to ditch bigger plants as I dont know anything about them or what sex they are yet and just go with the cuttings.

It means at least 14ish weeks before i get a result. I dont know what to do I had been hoping to see some results in the next 8-10 :-(


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Go with the cuttings if youre sure of the source and take the extra waiting time on the chin....if the bag seed turns out as bad as it usually does you will have a 24 week wait for some good bud!

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