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Help with advice on plants please


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Just wondered guys is a 600watt hps enough for 9 plants and how do they look im not sure how old they are but I am guessing that they are different ages if you can help with guessing the age that would be awesome.


Also this one hasn't got it firt set of true leafs yet what can be the problem with this?





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Northern Light Autos and 1 super skunk auto.

Does it look like she is growing leafs inside the first to looking at this picture?.



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Hey Mark! :)

I do not think that 600W will be enough light for 9 plants, even if they are autoflowering. I suppose you could try and make it work by squashing the plants really close together and doing a Sea of Green kind of setup, but because the plants are autoflowering I don't know how easy it will be to manipulate their height and width.

My understanding of autoflowering plants is that you water them and give them nutes, and they do the rest.

I would guess that those seedlings are maybe 7-10 days old from germination? This is just an estimate, but I imagine that for the seed to germinate it would have taken about a day or two, and for the germinated seed to develop a strong taproot and push through the soil ever so slightly would take another 2-3 days. For the remaining growth I'd imagine another 3 or so days. Those cotyledons and the first "real/true leaves" look green and on their way to good health.

As for the one which hasn't sprouted true leaves, I would say wait a day or two and see what happens, but after that if it is still so far behind the pack then perhaps it is just a dud and there's nothing more that you can do.

I hope this helps! :thumb:
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