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Help with autoflower strains


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Hey guys,

I am in need of help with auto flower strains. Which is best? My restriction is 3 feet of height clearance. Also, i want to learn to make my own strains, anybody got advice on where to look this up?


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Save your money jg, I have seen that download and it is okay, but you can find all of that info right here and other places for free. This forum and a couple of others that I am familiar with will provide you the opportunity to exchange information and questions with many experienced growers, as well as, some that are relatively new to growing, but have some keen insight.


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*blue dream is good (wonderful taste)
*afghan kush ryder is good (high THC 20% > 22%)
*northern light is good
*AK47 auto is good
All of these is auto'F
enjoy :roorrip:
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