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Help with clones


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When rooting plants, bottom heat is always helpful. It will stimulate root growth over shoot growth. If the soil is cold (colder than ambient air) shoot growth will be favored over root growth.


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It's gonna take at least two weeks maybe three for clones. Don't over water them. The most I water my clones in rw is once during rooting. A soaked rw cube will hold plenty of moisture for a clone to develop roots before it needs water. Now the the faster water evaporates in your area you might have to add water. When I take clones I let them sit for a week or so before I even check them. Less stress on me and them. The less I mess with them the better they do. I took some clones about the 1st of the year and here it is 17 days later and I have roots on most of them not all. Some take longer then others. The only thing I have seen bad in clones is mold (white cotton look) from too much water/humidity and right temp. So that reddish brown could be just the normal purple color that the stems have. Now my clones are being vented to harden off to the lower humidity levels, so I have to check them more for water needs.
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